Exercise Respond 2022

A beautiful day dawned for SAVEM’s Exercise Respond 2022. This was in contrast to the very wintery 2021 September event. This time we Exercised south of Adelaide near Meadows, wore sunhats and sunscreen, and were vigilant for awakening reptiles.

Volunteers respond to a fictitious Activation advice and notice during the 48 hours prior to the Exercise, arrive for briefing given by the Exercise Director, organise their team roles under the guidance of their team leader and develop Action Plans to respond to scenarios written by the training team. Each scenario includes reported cases of animals requiring SAVEM’s attention, as well as incidental findings on the fictitious incident ground. Teams implement their AP’s and give verbal SitReps once each task is complete, which gives plenty of opportunity to practise radio communication skills. Rolls and wraps from Clarendon Bakery were welcome for a well-earned lunch.

Congratulations to all participating volunteers! Your commitment and professionalism contributes to the high regard in which SAVEM is held.

For those unable to attend, please read the Training Requirements page under the Volunteers tab. To be eligible to join a SAVEM response volunteers are expected to attend at least 50% of training events, and in any one year this must include SAVEM Level 1, Exercise Respond or Pre-season Operational Update. There are no exceptions to this policy which applies to everyone.

The next event is our pre-season Operational Update – see the Training calendar for details.


Photos: Alpha Team find their first reported “patient”.

Team changeover: team leaders share useful intel and plan their next task.