Online Training

This portal provides access to SAVEM’s online training resources.

Introduction to SAVEM Level 1

Completion of Introduction to Level 1 Training Notes is mandatory before attending a Level 1 training day. Existing volunteers will find the modules useful as revision, especially prior to bushfire season. Volunteers who completed the old online training notes earlier in 2020 will need to complete the new material – the SAVEM Training Team needs to know everyone has worked through the same information.

The series comprises two videos and nine written modules. The SAVEM Training Team recommends watching the Fireground Safety video first before beginning the written modules. The Coordinator’s video (below) should be viewed after completing the first two modules. The written modules are intended to be completed in numerical order. Each module finishes with questions which must be answered on the fillable PDF answer form. When ALL modules have been completed and ALL questions answered please email the answer form to:

The expectation is that Introduction to Level 1 will be completed over two to four weeks. There is a large amount of information to work through, designed to maximise the learning opportunity when attending a face-to-face Level 1 training day.

The modules in this unit are:


  1. Fireground Safety video
  2. Coordinator’s video (below)

Written Modules

  1. Acronyms and terminology
  2. How South Australia responds to emergencies
  3. Principles of Operations
  4. Standard Operating Procedures
  5. PPE and PPC
  6. AIIMS
  7. The Functions of Incident Management
  8. Communications
  9. Information Management
  10. Workplace Health and Safety

We hope you find the contents of interest and will encourage you to participate further in SAVEM.

Quiz Answer Sheet

Volunteer Training Notes – Quiz Answer Sheet (PDF)

Volunteer Training Notes

Volunteer Training Note 1 – Acronyms and Terminology (PDF)
Volunteer Training Note 2 – How South Australia Responds to Emergencies (PDF)
Volunteer Training Note 3 – Principles of Operations (PDF)
Volunteer Training Note 4 – Standard Operating Procedure (PDF)
Volunteer Training Note 5 – Personal Protective Equipment and Personal Protective Clothing (PDF)
Volunteer Training Note 6 – AIIMS (PDF)
Volunteer Training Note 7 – The Functions of Incident Management (PDF)
Volunteer Training Note 8 – Communications (PDF)
Volunteer Training Note 9 – Information Management (PDF)
Volunteer Training Note 10 – Workplace Health and Safety (PDF)

The following video should be viewed after completing Volunteer Training Note 1 and Volunteer Training Note 2 above.