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On-line training

Introduction to SAVEM Level 1

This portal provides access to SAVEM’s on-line training resources.


Introduction to Level One is intended for:

  • recently registered volunteers who have not yet attended a Level One workshop. These are generally conducted outside the bushfire season
  • existing volunteers to revise and maintain skills and knowledge.


Introduction to Level One will become a prerequisite for the full Level One workshop program.

The series of Volunteer Training Notes (links below) is written to work through at your own pace in the order in which they are given .

SAVEM is a 100% volunteer agency. The Board, the Coordinator, and the early volunteers now carrying out senior positions within SAVEM all carry out their roles around work and family commitments, and often involvement with other Emergency organisations.

The acronyms and jargon you will find throughout these training notes represents standard Emergency Management terminology. It is there to help, not to hinder. Gradually you will become familiar with this. A Glossary will be added to the training notes.


We recommend that you read the Notes alongside the Australasian Interservice Incident Management System™ (AIIMS™), 3rd Edition, available from SAVEM for $16.00 plus postage.

These Training modules, like everything within SAVEM, will undergo continuous evolution and improvement. Your feedback is welcome. Remember that Emergency Management training and skills are 100% directly translatable into everyday life, in the workplace or otherwise.

We hope that you will find the contents of interest and will encourage you to participate further in SAVEM.

Open Book Quiz

There is an ‘open book questionnaire’ provided as well so you can check your understanding against the Notes.

Open the Quiz alongside the Volunteer Training Notes provided on this web site. The questions set are intended to elicit responses direct from the Notes, to reinforce your understanding of SAVEM and its operations.

** Please note: this quiz does need to be finished in one sitting, and you will need to press the Submit button for your answers to be saved.**

Volunteer Training Notes

Volunteer Training Note 1 – How South Australia Responds to Disasters: Background Briefing (PDF)
Volunteer Training Note 2 – The Number 5 (PDF)
Volunteer Training Note 3 – SAVEM Volunteer Behaviour (PDF)
Volunteer Training Note 4 – Training (PDF)
Volunteer Training Note 5 – Resources (PDF)
Volunteer Training Note 6 – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Personal Protective Clothing (PPC) (PDF)
Volunteer Training Note 7 – In-field Operations Personal Behaviours (PDF)
Volunteer Training Note 8 – Admonition (PDF)
Volunteer Training Note 9 – Functional Areas (PDF)
Volunteer Training Note 10 – Standard Operating Procedures (PDF)
Volunteer Training Note 11 – In-field Search Survey Behaviours (PDF)
Volunteer Training Note 12 – SMEAC Briefings (PDF)
Volunteer Training Note 13 – Acronyms (PDF)