Exercise In-Tent 2021

Thanks to all who participated so enthusiastically in SAVEM’s Exercise InTent 2021. We had a very productive afternoon inflating the SAVEM Hackett Foundation Air Shelter (Covertex NZ) and fitting the new components we have been able to purchase with a grant from Commonwealth Bank. The new additions are an inner liner for insulation, a dedicated under-shelter ground sheet and a dedicated partition to properly section off “Treatments” from “Command”.

The CommBank grant also allowed us to purchase a second 6m x 9m Air Shelter from Covertex NZ. The second module can be deployed to a second location, or zipped in to Module 1 to double the available space to 18m x 6m.

Our volunteers have been training regularly for the last few months. We can assure the South Australian public that arrangements for SAVEM’s veterinary response to animals in emergencies such as bushfire are well and truly ready for the 2021/2022 season.

Photos: Exercise InTent 31 October 2021. Banner photo: one of the peacocks roaming through our end of the Hills. It’s unfortunate people have allowed them to escape, but they are very beautiful birds.