SAVEM All Hazards Emergency Management Mobile Care Centre Project

SAVEM Inc. All Hazards Emergency Management Mobile Care Centre

Exactly one year ago today, SAVEM received the very welcome news of our success in the Disaster Ready Fund Round 1, funded by the Federal Government’s National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA). By mid-March 2024 the grant agreement was signed, and the All Hazards Emergency Management Mobile Care Centre (MCC) project formally commenced.

SAVEM doctrine and overarching principles and strategy underpinning the MCC project are clearly outlined on the SAVEM website here. This details the benefits to human wellbeing and the interconnected wellbeing of all species of animals and the environment – the One Health concept.

The bespoke SAVEM MCC will be built and commissioned over a three-year timeframe. The purpose of the MCC is:

  • To provide safe, efficient and effective best-practice support for SAVEM volunteers in a SAVEM deployment
  • To provide a readily visible presence on incident ground for impacted communities over an extended timeframe, and to act as a conduit for Recovery information
  • To provide internet access for SAVEM teams across an incident ground
  • To provide peacetime outreach and reliable all hazards education to communities statewide

SAVEM is currently working with potential suppliers and technology experts in three aspects of the build:

  1. Selection of a cab/chassis
  2. Coachbuilding for the body
  3. Technology, electronics and energy

The MCC is an exciting step for SAVEM in our planned growth and evolution overall, driven by the awareness that coming emergency events will be larger, of longer duration and more frequent. This leads to more intense impacts on animal welfare, human welfare, and the animal-human bond. We train and prepare ahead of time to be ready.




This SAVEM All Hazards Emergency Management Mobile Care Centre project received funding from the Australian Government.