Welcome to 2021 – upcoming training events

SAVEM finished 2020 with a great team effort to make up for lost training time due to COVID. From 29 November 2020 we successfully held four training events in 11 days – 1 x Level 1, 2 x Operational Updates and 1 x special topic. The Training calendar for January to March 2021 is now on the website. Exercise In Tent – for the Field Hospital team training is on 10 January, and further email correspondence re this will be sent in the coming week. Thankyou to those who have already registered. Please note the next Level 1 training day will be 28 March – usual conditions permitting. Registrations for Level 1 are also open.

As we reflect on our activities of 12 months ago, we are reminded of the lessons learnt from the Black Summer of 2019-2020, and that SAVEM will always strive for continual improvement.

Happy New Year to all our volunteers and supporters.