SAVEM Training 2020 and COVID19

The SAVEM Training Team would like to share with you our plans for training in 2020. Our intention to hold several SAVEM Level 1 training days during peacetime 2020 has – obviously – had to be reviewed. We had hoped, and were looking forward, to meeting many of our summertime new volunteer registrants. That is now likely not to be possible. However, as is essential in Emergency Management, we seek and find opportunities to build positives out of a very difficult situation. Before the latest restrictions were enforced, the Training Team met face-to-face, though seated two metres apart, to decide on a course of action. Given the almost three months of SAVEM field operations this summer, there are many new learnings to integrate into training. We have decided to (1) actively review all content of the 2019 Level 1 course with respect to the 2019/2020 fires, and (2) expand the mandatory online pre-Level 1 component to enable volunteers to be even better prepared for a face-to-face Level 1. Some Level 1 material may be added to the online module, and we will add other topics and content to the online course as is practicable – various options are being explored. A face-to-face Level 1 will still be mandatory before deployment. The SAVEM Plan will also be revised to include management of the SAVEM/Hackett Foundation Air Shelter field hospital in a multi-agency setting – something we did not anticipate ever happening! Black Swan events such as the fires of last summer, and indeed COVID19, will happen again. It is up to all of us to determine how ready we will be. SAVEM news will be updated over the next few months, so please visit the website from time to time to keep aware of news and announcements.  In the meantime, use your dynamic risk assessment skills  to stay well and stay safe.