SAVEM ALERT – SAVEM on fireground

SAVEM is an accredited Tier 2 Emergency Service. We are structured as an independent 100% volunteer not-for-profit organisation. Therefore, SAVEM has no “owners” or affiliated organisations. Participants with SAVEM are only deployed once they have completed mandatory on-line and face-to-face training and have been assessed as suitable for the roles they will take. Participants never work alone, rather – they always operate within our team structures. They are always resourced, including with identifiable SAVEM-badged vehicles, wear SAVEM-badged red long-sleeved overalls, CFS rated fire boots and individual photo ID.

Any member of the public wanting to assure themselves that people are bona fide SAVEM volunteers should ask to see their SAVEM ID card, and ask for their team’s Team Leader. SAVEM is also happy to receive enquiries at 0477 055 233, or to