SAVEM 3 in the SAVEM fleet

SAVEM 3 – one of six vehicles donated by Animals Australia for bushfire response in the 2019/2020 “Black Summer” bushfires – has had signage completed by Signs By Knight at St Marys – thankyou Tony, Aaron and Jess. Rooftop lights were installed by TJM when SAVEM 3 went for servicing at Jarvis Toyota, Clovelly Park. Andrew from Jarvis Toyota delivered SAVEM 3 to us on 10 January 2020 to enable deployment with the Field Hospital to Kangaroo Island via Sealink the next day.  The rear of the vehicle will be fitted out by Premier Trailers, Kilburn (who built the SAVEM Field Hospital trailer) during July. SAVEM 3, like our other vehicles, has rooftop ID in large black lettering for aerial identification. SAVEM 3 has automatic transmission and standard ute body with canopy. This complements Hilux SAVEM 2, a manual traytop. These differences mean we have diverse “tools in the toolbox” to meet the diverse requirements of an incident ground. THANKYOU to our supporters for your generosity and excellent work.