Koala Life launch at Cleland Wildlife Park

On 12 March 2021 “Koala Life” was launched at Cleland Wildlife Park (CWP). The launch included the World Premiere of Blinky Bill Is On The Loose, a new musical theatre production for children and families presented by Theatre Bugs, and based on the original Blinky Bill stories by Dorothy Wall. This delightful production, which has its serious moments, can be seen at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens as part of the Adelaide Fringe.

The SAVEM Coordinator and Logistics officer were invited to attend the “Koala Life” launch. SAVEM has established links with Cleland Wildlife Park, where we are fortunate to have access to national best-practice in wildlife care. That knowledge and handling expertise is willingly offered by the Cleland veterinarians and animal handlers. During bushfire, it provides SAVEM with the best possible destination for wildlife requiring admission to hospital, and/or care and respite before returning to suitable habitat.

“Koala Life” is the re-badging of the International Koala Centre of Excellence (IKCE). It is focused on developing and mainstreaming the survival science that is essential to preserve wildlife species’ viability and survival into and beyond the challenges of climate change. Go to http://www.koalalife.asn.au

As the nation leader in veterinary emergency management, it is SAVEM’s aim to assist this process of continuous improvement by contributing real-world field experience and data sets regarding animal species impacted by all hazards emergency incidents. In parallel, SAVEM’s veterinary response, triage and treatment protocols consistently align with survival science, delivering best-practice veterinary EM – a discipline in its own right.

Additionally, the very positive collaboration between SAVEM, Cleland Wildlife Park and Koala Life has led to a program – in development – of training for wildlife emergency incident veterinary medical management, alongside training in emergency management protocols to keep veterinary responders safe on fire- and other incident grounds.

Today’s photos are of the Theatre Bugs team on stage at CWP, and of an opportunistic Potoroo snacking on a dropped cracker biscuit.