Kangaroo Island fires Day 19

SAVEM has enjoyed collaborating with several other agencies during this Activation. RSPCA, DEW, KI Vets and Joint Task Force have joined forces in the SAVEM Tent to deliver positive veterinary outcomes for the Island’s wildlife. To help Parndana in its return to normality we are reducing our presence there, and moving our operations across the Island more broadly. We have a strong desire to help other people and their animals in other areas. This will be a gradual transition which also helps our teams who have been on rotating deployment since 20 December 2019. We have been using property descriptions, CFS gridded maps and GPS coordinates to accurately iddentify animal locations. One such GPS location was so accurate it pin-pointed the exact tree concealing a koala. We “christened” this tree “JJ’s tree” after the veterinarian navigating at the time.
Inside the SAVEM Tent: photographs by Dominic Beaton, RSPCA SA.