Kangaroo Island fires day 12

Day 12 saw SAVEM Team 5 (pictured below) deployed to Kangaroo Island. We are forever grateful to Simon Hackett who has flown SAVEM vets and nurses to and from Kingscote in his PC12 aircraft. Simon also donated the SAVEM Tent seen in the photographs below. Manufactured by Covertex in New Zealand, the Tent has been the focal point of wildlife care on the Island. The Tent’s trailer was purchased with a grant from the State and Federally funded Natural Disaster Resilience Program (NDRP), and was designed by our Logistics manager, architect Emilis Prelgauskas, and Premier Trailers at Kilburn in Adelaide. SAVEM is pleased to see the tent in use by a collaboration of agencies under SAVEM’s field lead – DEW, RSPCA, Joint Task Force, KI Vets and ZoosSA.