Kangaroo Island fires day 10

Yesterday was a “first” for SAVEM – the SAVEM Hackett Foundation inflatable field triage and treatment centre was deployed for the first time outside a training environment. There was much debate as to where the Tent would be best utilised. The still “going” Ravine fire threatened Kingscote as it continued to burn in an easterly direction before the weather changed on Monday evening. Had that situation continued, Penneshaw appeared to be a safe location. SAVEM was kindly offered a vacant home in Penneshaw for our use should that town be a safe & suitable base. After the weather changed, Kingscote or Parndana were options. Kingscote had the advantage of hosting the CFS Staging area, but Parndana was receiving more wildlife cases. SAVEM  is independent of any one organisation or facility, and our help is available to the whole affected community on the Island. The decision was made to erect the Tent at the Parndana Wildlife Park purely on the basis that the Park was rapidly  becoming a “go to” point for wildlife casualties. SAVEM thanks the ADF’s Joint Task Force and the RSPCA for their help in setting up the Tent. Since Sunday morning, 12/1/20, the Tent has been the hub of veterinary wildlife treatment on the Island.