Cudlee Creek fire Day 14

Wednesday’s team of 4 and Thursday’s of 3 had good productive days. As are most of the tasks now, these were for kangaroos and koalas and some possums. And as is often the case, we’ve been to some properties several times – where green spaces are attractive to animals to seek some comfort. Sadly, we find many of these are severely burned.

PLAN FROM 1/1/20

CFS Staging has closed at Gumeracha. PIRSA are standing down from the Cudlee Creek fire to re-focus on the South East of the State, and on Kangaroo Island (currently without a SAVEM team activated). They have asked SAVEM to cover the odd livestock call at Cudlee Creek which may come in. Often this involves an assessment and referral to the local clinician. We will continue to respond to wildlife taskings probably for a few more weeks.

The Coordinator and the Logistics Manager have been invited to the first Transition to Recovery meeting on Monday. We plan to be involved with Local Recovery Committee as occurred after the Sampson Flat Fire. More details as this process progresses.

SAVEM will not be on fireground on Friday 3/1/20 due to an Extreme FDR.

(Photo below by Deb Pearse).