Cudlee Creek Fire 20 December 2019

SAVEM has been Activated for the Cudlee Creek fire, and is on Standby. We will be attending a briefing at Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) on Saturday 21 December. PIRSA leads the Agriculture and Animal Services Functional Support Group in the State Emergency Management Plan, and SAVEM is a Participating Agency under PIRSA. Established State arrangements including the SAVEM Plan are in place.

After briefing, SAVEM will be deployed to fireground upon receiving permission from the CFS Incident Controller. As of 2200 this evening the fire is uncontrolled and the fireground is unsafe to enter. First responders ONLY (e.g. firefighters, police) may access fireground at this time. Updates will be posted on this website when there is additional general information. There may be a need for veterinary clinics outside fireground to assist with treating animals discharged from SAVEM’s care but requiring ongoing treatment. These arrangements will be made in coming days as needs are determined.


  1. SAVEM is a 100% volunteer organisation
  2. New volunteers registering now will not receive an individual reply
  3. We are focused on this deployment
  4. We do this with existing trained participants
  5. New volunteers are not eligible to join a SAVEM Activation until they have completed mandatory training. This is non-negotiable.
  6. To join a SAVEM Activation you MUST (1) register online (2) complete the online training module and submit the quiz (3) watch the Volunteer Fireground Safety video (4) Complete a face-to-face Level 1 training workshop – conducted during peacetime
  7. It is your responsibility to watch the SAVEM website for upcoming training opportunities