Sampsons Flat Bushfire News – January 2015

Update (18th Jan)

Fourteen SAVEM volunteers attended the Kersbrook Triage centre and formed two field teams. This was supplemented today by 9 Fauna Rescue volunteers, who were provided with safety briefing, additional PPE and WICEN vehicle-to-vehicle radios.

Surviving animals injured over two weeks ago are now seriously ill. Down kangaroos with burns, fractures and fly-blown wounds are still our major tasking. Inside the Triage centre a lamb, magpie and cat were admitted and discharged after treatment.

At the end of the afternoon, the crew disassembled the Triage centre and returned the facility to the Kersbrook community with our sincere thanks. SAVEM representatives will continue to attend community meetings, including the Community Reference Group established by Recovery Coordinator Karlene Maywald.

SAVEM has now stood down from a 15 day activation. We expect a reduced number of calls for SAVEM assistance in the coming week, but will respond to taskings with on-call teams on an as-needs basis. We expect not to be able to access the area on Tuesday and Thursday this week, due to the Tour Down Under operating in the area.