Sampsons Flat Bushfire News – January 2015

Update (17th Jan)

Fourteen volunteers again met at Kersbrook Triage centre.

Twenty taskings were undertaken in 3 teams. Three koalas were released and 3 euthanased kangaroos were collected by Animal Welfare League. A few sheep are still receiving follow up care. One burn-injured cat was surrendered by its owners for rehoming, and one bird was admitted and died in hospital.

Food and water has been placed in one badly fire affected area of the forest.

Early on Saturday morning the Coordinator gave a Skype interview with National Public Radio (NPR) in Boston, USA.

Sunday 18th is programmed as the final formal day at the Kersbrook Triage centre, and teams of 3 or 4 will be assigned “on call” rostered duties to respond to calls from the public.