Pinery Fire Update December 4

One SAVEM team of two veterinarians and two nurses left Adelaide University Roseworthy Campus at about 1130. Conditions were very warm, but the wind was much less severe that previous days. Task list included horses, a dog, cat, goat and kangaroos. The first call was to two Hamley Bridge properties where 8 horses and a goat required health checks after being exposed to severe smoke. We attempted to visit and monitor a female adult kangaroo with at-foot joey on our way to the next call, but Monday’s strong winds had shifted a great deal of sand and debris across the road and it was not safe to proceed. On our drive across the fireground we passed many beautiful old stone homes which had been burnt. Crossing the Light River at a spillway complete with flood markers, we admired a small wetland and water birds – a soothing sight among the burned farms. On the western side of the fireground we were called to check a dog and two horses. Unfortunately the cat needing attention at this location could not be found. Team was stood down from Roseworthy at about 1800.