Cherry Gardens fire 4 February 2021 – Day 12

Today the field team continued surveillance of the Cherry Gardens fireground until the weather change arrived and rain began. This curtailed operations, but until then we assessed animals along the top of the fireground – on some private properties as well as SA Water land. Today is Day 12 – and even after significant rain on Day 3, there are still smouldering and burning hotspots within the fire scar. SAVEM team “November” reported one such hotspot in SA Water land – see one of the photos below. Rain tonight will help the CFS – and on Kangaroo Island – as 11 CFS units remained on fireground today, as well as SA Water and Forestry SA personnel. We chatted to a team from Trees For Life, who led us to some koalas for assessment. Happily these were eating leaf high up in green trees.

The other interesting thing we found was a very large downed eucalypt with a square cut out to assess if it was burning within the trunk. Photo below.  A number of animals were assessed and some treated. Birds are returning to the fireground – birdsong is a sound full of optimism in a very bleak, fire-ravaged landscape.

Today’s banner photo is from high up on Track 19 in SA Water land, looking towards to northern-most arm of Mt Bold Reservoir – a very striking view.