Cherry Gardens fire 3 February 2021 Day 10

The SAVEM response continues at the Cherry Gardens fire. This fire remains at Contained status, with CFS units managing hot spots and patrolling the fireground. We are liaising and collaborating with SA Water and DEW, responding to calls for assistance from affected residents and treating animals in distress encountered in our surveillance. As expected, injured wildlife are now emerging from places of refuge needing veterinary assistance.

Forecast rain on Thursday afternoon and Friday could curtail activities as the steep fireground may become very slippery and impassable in places – we’ve been in discussion with our very excellent contact at SA Water re wet weather activities.

Good news to close, a young female koala with very minor burns – and with a joey in pouch – is being released today. She was in the care of Cleland Wildlife Park for a brief admission, and will be returned to nearby suitable habitat this afternoon.

Today’s photo is the Duty OpsO (Operations Officer) sending off SAVEM Team “Mike” yesterday morning.