Cherry Gardens fire 29 January 2021 Day 5

Today is Day 5 of the Cherry Gardens fire Activation, and – as expected – tasks are increasing. This is because wildlife affected by the fire often seek refuge in pockets of unburned vegetation for a period of days, and begin to emerge as they seek food and water in what was their usual habitat. Predominant species are kangaroos and koalas, with the occasional possum. Southern Brown Bandicoots and Chestnut Rumped Heath Wrens are species of interest in this area, but neither have been sighted by the SAVEM teams so far. SAVEM field teams are collaborating with staff from SA Water and Department of Environment and Water (DEW) to safely and efficiently access the SA Water reserve around Mt Bold Reservoir and Scott Creek Conservation Park. Thanks to both agencies for their assistance. Data collected will be shared to build an accurate picture of animal populations and movements in the Park.

Please report all sightings of distressed or injured animals on or near the fireground to SAVEM – the authorised agency – on 0477 055 233. Do not attempt to catch wild animals yourself, even if they look still or immobile – serious injuries to humans can occur.

Today’s photo is of the SAVEM fleet at SAVEM Command – SAVEM 1 (Jeep, command car), SAVEM 2 (Hilux tray) and SAVEM 3 (Hilux canopy). Rooftop ID means we can be readily identified from the air.