26 January 2021 Cherry Gardens fire

SAVEM was officially Activated to fireground today. Our Reconnaissance team liaised with CFS Incident Control at Mt Barker, collecting radios and current maps. Accessible area of the fireground were surveyed. Animals were assessed and a few removed for monitoring and further assessment. Falling trees pose the greatest threat to safety, along with slippery, boggy ground due rain on Monday afternoon. Unfortunately, public spectators were a hindrance rather than a help. SAPOL, PIRSA and the CFS were advised when unauthorised individuals were seen removing animals from the fireground. The CFS Incident Update for this evening clearly names SAVEM as the authorised agency to manage animal issues on fireground:

The devastation of bushfires can be far reaching and include injury to animals caught in its path. If you come across injured animals including wildlife please only SAVEM (South Australian Veterinary Emergency Management) on 0477 055 233 to seek assistance as the coordinating agency for injured animals during emergencies.

SAVEM thanks the CFS and responsible members of the public for their help in locating animals in need of SAVEM’s attention. The photo below is a juvenile female koala retrieved by the CFS for veterinary assessment.

(The peacock above strolled past SAVEM Command today).