The SAVEM Plan is written according to the Australasian Interservice Incident Management System™ (AIIMS™) which is used uniformly by emergency services.

Similarly, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are written to assist and direct consistent practice across the organisation and in the field. SAVEM’s evolving Policy and Training Manuals are integral to the smooth operation of the Plan.

To provide information within and beyond the Emergency Management sector, briefings are frequently given to other emergency services, community groups, and animal organisations on SAVEM preparedness.

SAVEM has participated in role play simulations instigated by other agencies, such as Exercise Ring of Fire, conducted by the Department of Families and Communities, in October, 2011.

Our Volunteers are offered training courses in preparation for experiencing field conditions. Introductory, Legislation and Team Leader workshops comprise the initial training module, with Team Leader training as the precursor to identifying individuals for skilled positions in the structure of SAVEM.

Evolving are support materiel to assist activities in the field such as:

  • identity fluorescent wear and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • ‘To Go’ Kits (TGK’s) – personal and operational
  • communication systems
  • transport.

SAVEM Training Plan 2019

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